Primary Knee System


Every patient
deserves the right fit

MOBIO'S comprehensive scope of femoral and tibial size options range from smaller than

those currently offered by other companies to as large as you need. MOBIO'S femurs are

also available in different widths to make sure everyone is appropriately covered.

The Right Feel

Our kinematic design features, such as the optimized patella track and clinically-proven true single radius of the femur, aim to improve patient satisfaction and outcome.

The MOBIO’s s1ngle radius creates isometry during the arc of motion.  Patients with a single radius design have demonstrated less pain, better flexion and extension, and more stability than patients with a multi-radius knee design.  They spent less time on crutches and attended fewer physiotherapy sessions following surgery.

An optimized patella track based on clinically-proven design creates smooth transition through the range of motion and relaxes the extensor mechanism to facilitate deep flexion.

The Right Amount

Bone conserving design is considered fundamental in primary total knee arthroplasty.

MOBIO’s shallow box Conserves more bone than traditional closed box designs.

MOBIO’s smallest sizes are designed with a proportionally smaller box, preserving bone and increasing the cement-to-bone interface.

Gold Standard Bearing Material

Clinically successful Vitamin – E UHMWPE Polyethylene offers high-strength polyethylene

with negligible wear characteristics.


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