KOSMO ® Femoral Hip System
Tapered Geometry
Tapered geometry of the proximal body
resists torsional stress and provides
excellent initial stability.
Collared / Collarless Options
Collared Stems help reduce the risk
of stem subsidence, under-sizing
and fracture 1 .
Micro Grooves
Horizontal and vertical grooves
improve mechanical stability 2 .
Hydroxyapatite Coating
Fully HA coated stem induces rapid
osteointegration and provides long
term fixation 3,4 .
Optimized Distal Tip
Allows for easy insertion and
reduces distal thigh pain 5 .
Collared Option
Studies suggest, when compared to collarless stems, collared stems
reduce the risk of stem subsidence and periprosthetic fracture that
are more common in direct approach surgeries 1 .
Optimized Distal Tip
Reduces Thigh Pain
Reduced distal tip, combined with
optimized stem length, is designed to
reduce distal potting and distal thigh pain 5 .
Easy to Insert
Reduced distal tip geometry allows
the stem to be easily guided into
the femoral canal, providing more
intuitive insertion experience in
minimally invasive surgeries 5 .
Predictable Sizing System
KOSMO ®   is designed taking great care to avoid
sizing inaccuracy commonly seen in minimally
invasive surgeries 1   . The stem sizes are distributed
evenly to produce consistent size increments.
Consistency in size distribution allows the surgeons
to size the femur more accurately and intuitively.